Antiquity through the lens of contemporary times

The University of Milan and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, two highly attractive institutions in the field of cultural heritage

Ancient Civilizations for the Contemporary World (ACCW) is an inter-university Bachelor’s degree offered by the University of Milan and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, two centres of excellence in the field of cultural heritage. For the first time, these two institutions join their expertise and cultural background to launch a unique, prestigious and unprecedented university programme entirely taught in English.

The academic plan focuses on the study of ancient civilizations that developed in western and eastern Mediterranean areas as well as in western, southern and eastern Asia. The goal is to provide students with solid knowledge, critical awareness and open-mindedness with regard to the current international debate on the value and role of studying past civilizations as a key tool to build an inclusive society.

Educational activities are delivered in blended mode, according to an advanced model of inter-university degree programme based on the use of distance learning technologies. They are equally divided between the two locations and held in-person, as well as live-streamed, so that students can participate remotely from ad-hoc equipped classrooms, under the supervision of a tutor. This facilitates a dynamic integration between the two classes, located in Milan and Venice respectively.